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Management & technical training

Management & technical training

The Training Services unit of Tata Steel Consulting advises and assists clients worldwide, predominately within the iron and steel industry, to improve performance through the development of skills and the raising of levels of competence of all personnel within the client company.

The Services are applicable to all areas of activity associated with the manufacture of steel products, ranging from the mining and processing of iron ore and other raw materials through the various metallurgical processes to the despatch of finished products and embracing the many functions that support the operations and, finally, the customer. Typically, this can include one, many or all of the following:

  • Human Resource and organisational development studies
  • Management training within Tata Steel
  • Technical training at Tata Steel plants
  • Classroom training at client's plants (management and technical)

Training Services is able to draw upon the extensive resources and experience of Tata Steel and with its in house expertise, provide a service that is designed to meet the needs of the client. For example, for a project that involves the transfer of technical know-how, Training Services will work closely with the Tata Steel business units to facilitate the transfer and implementation. 

When necessary to meet specific needs of a client, Tata Steel Consulting Training Services will join with an external organisation, such as business school, training and educational institute.

Expertise :

Expertise : Expertise

Training Services is able to bring to bear considerable experience to assess the situation, identify and agree the needs, agree the objectives with the client and determine the best solution.

Methodologies :

Methodologies : Methodologies

Training Services draws upon considerable experience and skills to fulfil an assignment.

Clients :

Clients : Clients

Training Services has assisted a large number of clients from both public and private sectors of the steel industry in all parts of the world.