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Research & Development

Research & Development

Tata Steel Research & Development (R&D) combines top class innovation with cutting edge technology to deliver 'metals solutions' in a constantly changing world.

R&D works primarily for the benefit of Tata Steel's businesses and plants all over the world. In certain areas, however, availability of manpower and equipment permitting, the unique facilities R&D has at its disposal can also be used to carry out assignments for third parties.
These facilities include:

  • The Ceramics Research Centre in IJmuiden, NL employs a team of about 40 research and product development professionals who are involved inprocess engineering, physical and chemical materials analysis, research and product design. For more information:

  • The Normanton Pilot Plant for steelmaking at Teesside technology Centre, UK. The pilot plant includes facilities for electric arc steelmaking in batches up to 7 t, facilities for secondary steelmaking, and a continuous caster for billets and mini-slabs. More information can be obtained from Alan Scholes.

  • The Long Product Development Facility at Swinden Technology Centre, Rotherham, UK, with equipment for melting of metals, pilot rolling of long products, etc. More information van de obtained from Colin Jemson.

  • Materials engineering and mechanical testing
    In the field of maintenance and failing parts, material behaviour is of great improtance in achieving a long lifetime of installations. RD&T can help you find solutions for problems like breakage, wear and tear, corrosion, fatigue as well as conduct non-destructive investigations.
    For further information, contact materials engineering.

  • Metallography and surface analysis
    Both in the Netherlands and the Uk RD&T has experienced teams of experts as well as state-of-the art equipment. The groups use many advanced facilities for microscopic and spectroscopic investigations and have access to several universities and research institutes.
    More information can be obtained from Karin de Moel.