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Roll pass design

Tata Steel offers a roll pass design (calibration) service to rolling mills world wide.

The service is provided by the same personnel, using the same state of the art design tools, that supply designs to Tata Steel Long Product Mills.

Tata Steel designers use the latest finite element modelling techniques, combined in a unique package that allow pass designers to verify their designs without expensive trial rollings.

All the Tata Steel designers have extensive mill experience, and this ensures the provision of sound roll pass designs to meet the required profile and, in addition, minimise roll costs.

At the client’s request, Tata Steel designers can visit the client’s plant, gather all essential design data and prepare the pass designs back in the UK.

Designs can be sent to the client by e-mail or with hard copies. Arrangements can be made for a designer to be present on site for the first trial rolling, should the client so wish.


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